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Posted by PrinceArcher - 1 day ago

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Gate of Wish

Art by: erusane

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Jellyfish God

Art by: @Nempatriarch

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That girl with milk tea color (translated)

Art by: Akakura (translated)

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Sapphie the Demigod

Art by: @Puapka

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Rozaliya and Liliya =^w^)




They look disgusted to something?


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Yay! Fervent Tempo!



Posted by PrinceArcher - 4 days ago

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Ancalagon The Black (Silmarillion)

Art by: AnatoFinnstark

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Newt Knight Holiday Card

Art by: Robocorn

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Galaxy Photo Studio

Art by: ATDAN-

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Nolu (Minus Lore)

Art by: @CayFettArt

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Art by: AndreySkull

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Snake Warrior

Art by: @Exoskellet

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Posted by PrinceArcher - 7 days ago

Part 2 of my story in nutshell for my 100 fans here ;)


Many years have passed after the Dark Lord tried to destroy Earth. Everything is fine now, they have recovered all the destruction it did.

A teenage girl named Anvima was a high school student who's always got bullied in school because of her music likes which is too old now for the time it is now.

One day, after the school. Anvima was walking peacefully in the streets, then she feel something in her heart. it feels like she can feel the sound surging through her veins.

Song played: F-777 - Medusa

She feels very energetic after she feel that sensation, she feels like she is sound itself.

(Time skips)

As she was battling someone that wants to get the power of sound with her friend with The Power of Sight (Ivy) from the other dimension, Anvima's friend Ivy finally decided to fuse with her to beat their enemy(If one with the power fuse to another, the soul of it will be locked to that person forever).

Song played: CrusherP - Echo (Rap cover) by Yuri

(Time skips)

After the Extraterrestrial creatures caught and successfully separated Anvima and (Ivy) using their advanced tools,

the soul of Ivy has finally rested. Anvima went berserk after what happened, rampaging and destroying everything she sees (even her other friends). Her friends and comrades tried to stop her, but she was very powerful to stop.

Song played: Cytus - ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕

Until her friends and comrades finally decided to split her soul apart to finally end her rampage that might destroy the world. At that time, in Anvima's mind, a spirit tried to calmed her down temporarily. With that time, they take the chance. After they separate her, the ship they were on is collapsing. They don't have much time to find the other half, so they ran out to the outside of the ship. And they thought it that the other half died of the crash.

(2114) [Storyline A]

More like the opening song of this part :)

Song played: REDALiCE vs USAO - 最強STRONGER

Nelvinda, the side whose energetic, lovely, friendly, and helpful to others, has the half of Power of Sound where she uses it as Strings.

One day, at the city square. Giant mechs piloted by humans are trying to dominate the city for money, but Nelvinda is there ready for action.

Song played: Apo11o program - SECRET;WEAPON

She swings building to building using the sound strings (like Spiderman) and tied all the giant mechs to immobilize them.

And so, after she fought them, she flew away...

(Story is still on going so wait until the full playlist is ready on my YouTube channel)

(2114) [Storyline B]

Arcaris, the lone one, the side whose only depend only in himself and nothing else. His only objective is to find his other half. He use the power of sound as a body enhancer and armor.

When he's journeying to find his other half, he always sing a song.

Song played: MDK - The Only Way I Know

This song helps him forget the pain he felt after they were separated from Anvima.

One day when he was walking peacefully on the streets at night, a group of gang tried to steal the stuffs he have. So Arcaris show his powers to scare them away, but some insisted to fight him. So he teach them a lesson.

Song played: Kobaryo feat. HiTNEX-X - SUPER REACTOR

And so, Arcaris easily beat them up without any sweat...

(Story is still on going so wait until the full playlist is ready on my YouTube channel)

Dedicated to my fans and my best friends here: @HumanPBS @Solaxsf @Roboticclan @Kruno5

And you

Let's reach 200 fans for the nutshell story of sound in Alternate Universe :D


Posted by PrinceArcher - 8 days ago

Thanks a lot guys for the 100 fans, so here's a summarize of my story for you guys/girls ;)

Part 1 of the story in Nutshell

Long time ago, before the Earth was born. There was a powerful being who uses all the senses to guard the whole Universe from the dark beings. The being was to old now, so he created the earth while fighting the dark beings.

Song played: Xtrullor - Event Horizon

After the powerful being creates Earth, he divides its power into 5 powers: Scent, Hearing, Feel, Sight, and Taste to 5 different dimensions.

Time skips to the 5th inheritor of Power of Sound


Gyro, the 5th inheritor of Power of Sound is a cowboy of the west who uses gun sounds as a bullet for his 2 guns. Gyro is finding a person who guards the west against the thieves. He visited a village full of other cowboys in the wanted list,

Song played: Lil Nas X - Old Town Road

He beated all the cowboys there using the gun shots he heard...

(Story is still on going so wait until the full playlist is released on my YouTube channel)


This part is about a girl named Alice (the 6th inheritor of power of sound).

Alice, a 12 year old girl who already faced the reality and violence of the world. The people where Alice live believes that Alice has a curse on her where when you tell something bad to her and she hears you'll have a bad luck for your entire life. So the people there decided to lock her to a dungeon covering her eyes(she can hear their minds by looking to their eyes) and ears. One day while on her morning routine on the forest(with Steel fences) she a girl on the other side of the steel fence, Alice asked the girl "Why are you all alone out here?", the girl said everything on the city is polluted and full of cruelty. Alice asked her what is the girl's name, The girl's name was Elly. On that day, they become best friends and they always meet each other there every morning.

Until some day, Elly is never going there everyday. Alice is confused and worrying about her until she heard two people talking on a distance. She hear their minds, They said that a girl named Elly was kidnapped and used to an experiment which said to be failed and the girls body were never found.

After hearing this, Alice was very mad and forcefully use her full powers even thought she didn't want to use it.

Song played: Sakuzyo - I am "End"

She destroys everything she sees.

After she was calmed with sadness. She calls out her Sound spirit Athena, the Freedom's Sound. Alice finally decided to exchanged her soul to erased some of the cruelty in the world.

Song played: Steampianist - Ugly Fuel

After she did this, all was left was a feather from her headband and nothing else.

(2021) [The first part I made]

Evdom was a boy who only likes music and don't much care about everything (except his bestfriend Len). Evdom obtained his powers during an accident. After he obtained this power he tried to use it against crime. One day A strange Dark force is rampaging on the city he lived on, he starts fighting it to stop it from destroying the city.

Song played: F-777 - Hydra

After he defeats it, the dark force just disappears into thin air.

Power of friendship :)

(Time skips)

Evdom and his friends was on a war against the Extraterrestrial creatures trying to dominate earth. Evdom was out of strength from fighting them. An enemy tried to shot Evdom with a powerful gun but one of his friend blocked the attack using itself, Evdom was shocked of what just happen. Deep down in Evdom's heart, he unleashes the rage in him and awakening his Sound Spirit, Mugenoto, the Sound Phoenix of Rage and Reincarnation.

Song played: MDK ft. Nick Sadler - Firebird

He burned everything in the battlefield, and end up in killing the general of the enemy army. The enemy retreated after they saw how strong the Phoenix is.

Months after the war, the Leader of Dark Force has finally came to Earth to destroy it. It is so strong that Evdom almost give up to it, but he almost forgot that there's only one way to stop it. He used his forbidden power, Universal rewrite where he will erase a being from its existence and the history it did along with the caster.

Song played: Cytus ll opening - The Whole Rest

Evdom stab his sword to the Leader of dark force, after that they both disappeared.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow

Dedicated to my fans and my best friends here: @HumanPBS @Solaxsf @Roboticclan @Kruno5

And you


Posted by PrinceArcher - 9 days ago

From other Website:


Rain Spirit

Art by: Guillaume-tholly

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Picture original link:


From Newgrounds:


Great Expectations

Art by: @BrokenSketch

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Picture original link:

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