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I post arts from great artists outside newgrounds everyday in my news so better check their cool artworks if you want ;)
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♪Mathematica is so childish.

Even if I get busted, I have no pride.

This pretense of elegance is setting off alarms, simply observing is no fun.

Hey, bring on a more superior mistake

and deal with your boredom.

Mommy, I don’t want it to end here, after all.

It’s so tepid, it’s making me go crazy.

Goodbye to this child’s play drama.

You know, I can’t stay like this forever.

Dun-dun-dun, I’m going to become an adult

and taste the bitterness and sweetness of the world, now.

Pan-pan-pan, times have changed.

It’s not just filled with bad things, right?

Your past, sins, punishments, everything

with those bare hands, with love, survive and fix them!

Yeah, we’re stirring things up, no doubt.

Don’t pay attention to that green girl all the time.

Now, burn up! When you do, you’ll pass.

It’s marked with a red pen. Did I make a mistake somewhere?

Conformity when dealing with alcohol, women, money, and XXXX (drugs).

Chill, aiigiht… It was a joke, black comedy!

Situations that make me lift my middle finger.

It happens too frequently there aren’t enough fingers, so hands up

and what’s up, loser?

Bring it on from the start!

I don’t need to hear “calm down.”

Before I die, what I want

is to grow taller and blow a kiss to my hometown.

The highlight of the show is from here on out, so get ready!

Dan-dan-dan, we’ll become adults

and with our eye on the counter,

we’ll shoot our worst days with vigilant hostility.

No one can see the future, so it’s still a draw, right?

Bugs, losses, slip-ups, everything.

With your bare hands, struggle! Live through and overturn your situation.

I can’t surrender to merely worthless things.

Get it? That’s my aesthetic.

This foolishly honest fist is my one trump card.

Shouting this inferiority, “I’m out!”


We’re not gonna quit!

Dun-dun-dun, I’m going to become an adult

and taste the bitterness and sweetness of the world, now.

A bright future where we cross paths again.

You understand I’m not a child any longer, right?

Epochs and opportunities won’t wait around for me.

With your bare hands, at the risk of your life, survive and bring it on!

It’s the era of love.

Well then, everyone. We’ll leave first. Bye, guys!♪


(Lyrics from "Bring it on!")

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