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The story of Sound in a nutshell (100 fans celebration) Part 2

Posted by PrinceArcher - 7 days ago

Part 2 of my story in nutshell for my 100 fans here ;)


Many years have passed after the Dark Lord tried to destroy Earth. Everything is fine now, they have recovered all the destruction it did.

A teenage girl named Anvima was a high school student who's always got bullied in school because of her music likes which is too old now for the time it is now.

One day, after the school. Anvima was walking peacefully in the streets, then she feel something in her heart. it feels like she can feel the sound surging through her veins.

Song played: F-777 - Medusa

She feels very energetic after she feel that sensation, she feels like she is sound itself.

(Time skips)

As she was battling someone that wants to get the power of sound with her friend with The Power of Sight (Ivy) from the other dimension, Anvima's friend Ivy finally decided to fuse with her to beat their enemy(If one with the power fuse to another, the soul of it will be locked to that person forever).

Song played: CrusherP - Echo (Rap cover) by Yuri

(Time skips)

After the Extraterrestrial creatures caught and successfully separated Anvima and (Ivy) using their advanced tools,

the soul of Ivy has finally rested. Anvima went berserk after what happened, rampaging and destroying everything she sees (even her other friends). Her friends and comrades tried to stop her, but she was very powerful to stop.

Song played: Cytus - ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕

Until her friends and comrades finally decided to split her soul apart to finally end her rampage that might destroy the world. At that time, in Anvima's mind, a spirit tried to calmed her down temporarily. With that time, they take the chance. After they separate her, the ship they were on is collapsing. They don't have much time to find the other half, so they ran out to the outside of the ship. And they thought it that the other half died of the crash.

(2114) [Storyline A]

More like the opening song of this part :)

Song played: REDALiCE vs USAO - 最強STRONGER

Nelvinda, the side whose energetic, lovely, friendly, and helpful to others, has the half of Power of Sound where she uses it as Strings.

One day, at the city square. Giant mechs piloted by humans are trying to dominate the city for money, but Nelvinda is there ready for action.

Song played: Apo11o program - SECRET;WEAPON

She swings building to building using the sound strings (like Spiderman) and tied all the giant mechs to immobilize them.

And so, after she fought them, she flew away...

(Story is still on going so wait until the full playlist is ready on my YouTube channel)

(2114) [Storyline B]

Arcaris, the lone one, the side whose only depend only in himself and nothing else. His only objective is to find his other half. He use the power of sound as a body enhancer and armor.

When he's journeying to find his other half, he always sing a song.

Song played: MDK - The Only Way I Know

This song helps him forget the pain he felt after they were separated from Anvima.

One day when he was walking peacefully on the streets at night, a group of gang tried to steal the stuffs he have. So Arcaris show his powers to scare them away, but some insisted to fight him. So he teach them a lesson.

Song played: Kobaryo feat. HiTNEX-X - SUPER REACTOR

And so, Arcaris easily beat them up without any sweat...

(Story is still on going so wait until the full playlist is ready on my YouTube channel)

Dedicated to my fans and my best friends here: @HumanPBS @Solaxsf @Roboticclan @Kruno5

And you

Let's reach 200 fans for the nutshell story of sound in Alternate Universe :D


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Aw sounds great I hope there's more........

There will be more if I reach 200 fans ;)

@Solaxsf @PrinceArcher yeah do it pls I can find more.......

You can find more on my YouTube channel

Hey, remember the kruno5 said bad words news post? I'm under a cyberbully attack by the same enemy! Read Ohgodhelp's comments.

I have one message for them: Putang ina niyo!!!!

Nice one :)

@HumanPBS @PrinceArcher what do you mean when you said "White mother" as translated to English?

Well, that's wrong. It means here is "Son of a Bitch

@HumanPBS @PrinceArcher @PrinceArcher
The bad guys include everyone who reacted with a sleepy face except Vortonox. Ohgodhelp and scatman23 are also bad guys.
MegDraws is a determinant.
Good guys are: Vortonox, TheOutnumberedOne, you, me, IbimsKlausi and kruno5.

Those will get karma one day
(Those solarityflaire12 know about that news?)

@HumanPBS @PrinceArcher @PrinceArcher yes she does.

I hope their accounts get terminated

@HumanPBS @PrinceArcher @PrinceArcher Also, MegDraws still deciding which faction she chooses or whether she is a faction.

You know, let's chat at private massage than here on my 100 fan special news post :)

@Solaxsf @PrinceArcher @PrinceArcher well I hope it fits.

It's now in soul finder

@Solaxsf @PrinceArcher @PrinceArcher I see.
I found another one.:https://youtu.be/w4U9S5eX3eY

i am confused.

Because it is not full XD

I liked the first one, the others didn't even know they existed

Thank you, and what do you mean "the others didn't even know they existed"?

@khicher @PrinceArcher is that the only one I remembered is f777, which in fact I have several songs of his

F777 is one of my most favorite composer